Transforming Early Learning



transforming spaces

Transforming Early Learning offers environment design services for your early learning program. We believe that environments are a child's third teacher. We believe that environments should be designed to promote inquiry, exploration, discovery, and respect. Learning spaces should be natural, aesthetically pleasing, reflective of the children and families' identities and values, and have authentic materials. Environments should have materials that are open-ended in order to provide ample possibilities for learning. 



Loose Parts

Loose Parts are the heart of our designs. We believe these open-ended materials offer infinite possibilities for inquiry, wonder, creativity, and innovation. For this reason, all of our designs include and infusion of Loose Parts. For further information, please see our Loose Parts page.

The Process

We partner with you to transform your learning environment. We strive to get an in depth understanding of your program's children, families, educators, and community. Through this knowledge we work with your program's educators to design spaces that accurately reflect the values, strengths, needs and identities of the program. 

Our work with environments includes collaborating with your program's educators to design and implement change to selected learning spaces. Our framework includes reflective practice, mentoring, and space design.  

We work with your budget to select and infuse materials into the environment. 

What to expect

  • Each design is unique

  • Collaborative and reflective practice

  • Discourse

  • One-to-one mentoring between educators and our team

  • Time line: varies depending upon the scope (ie: several weeks-12 months)

  • Regularly scheduled meetings

  • Theory-practice integration

  • Educators actively participate in environment design and implementation