Transforming Early Learning

Vision & Values



Transforming Early Learning embraces children as joyful, confident, and capable learners and communicators; families as engaged partners; and educators as reflective, responsive, and creative collaborators.


Our mission is to positively impact early learning and education for children, families, educators, and the wider community through meaningful transformation.

Core Values

Transformation: Purposeful transformational change cultivates meaningful differences.

Reflection:  Thoughtful questioning deepens understanding.

Awareness: Awareness extends and consolidates understanding into extraordinary insights.

Nurturing Growth: Challenging and equipping educators enriches their ability to be intentional in their understanding, engagement, conversations, and planning.

Social Justice and Equity: Social justice and equity are key to ensure a culture of respect for all differences regardless of how they may be expressed.

Forming Engaging Environments: Rich, intriguing environments offer children opportunities for risk-taking, inquiry, wonder, innovation, and imagination.

Ongoing Communication: Clear and effective communication creates and maintains lasting and genuine relationships.

Restoring Play and Joy: Every child has a right to engage in play as the most powerful source of enjoyment and active learning.

Meaningful Connections: Strong relationships based on respectful and responsive interactions are the foundation for creating meaningful connections between children, families, educators, and the wider community.